Saturday, December 11, 2004

Irish eyes: hello world

"tea bags + the 52nd State"

Ok the election is over.. Everyone can go back to sleep again.. Good night.
But now its my time to bark at the moon..briefly stated my bark is that I am an American citizen living overseas and that I have to pay taxes both in the country I live in and the US (even if I do not earn a single penny in the US).

Taxes! I can hear you say..good night.. hold on its not the point.. I pay taxes in the US based on my American citizenship. The US is the only major ( if not only) country in the world that bases income taxation on citizenship. And that everyone else bases it on residence; the place the money is earned..

"poor baby", i hear you say. "You're giving blogging a bad name.".

"hold on, I'm zeroing in. "


"I pay taxes in 2 countries , that means I have to pay 2 accountants to figure out the various tax regulations applicable to me and do the returns. ( not lazy, just can't spend the time to keep up with 2 raging bulls ) ..Now the gripe.

I vote in the US elections..but I have no voice.. No one represents me..

What! You want somebody representing you in the Congress. surely that is done by a US congressman/woman.

No..not really.

"Big deal, so move back home.."

"I'm serious..Why can't there be a congress 'person' designated to represent my interests especially with regard to legislation that effects me, the overseas resident?

"you're not that important. "

" Agreed..i'm not but there are 6,000,000 of us according the the US's GAO report of a few years ago.

"6 million? How many military?

None.. it excludes those in the armed services.. We as a group are the equivalent of the 32nd most populace state..Missouri ..St Louis and all that.

Wouldn't they have to change the constitution?

'Yes', if the representative(s) for the overseas voters were to be treated as a separate state but 'no' if the elected representative were merely a non-voting delegate sitting in Congress.

"what good is non-voting? "

can be very good as she/he could have a direct input into the proposals and debates that might effect us..Social security, taxes, voting, citizenship..Our list is as long as most representatives.

they'll never wear it

probably not in my lifetime but there are already non-voting delegates in congress doing exactly what I have outlined.

I can't think of any

there are several Guam (and the like) but Washington DC is the most conspicuous..they have no congress persons ( of the voting kind) nor do they have their own senators ( although they have everyone else's) and they are soon to have the Washington Senators (baseball team) again. Long story.

" Well if Washington DC doesn't have a congress person of the voting kind it seems hardly likely such an airy idea as a congressional representative for the overseas voters and taxpayers will happen. Its too off the wall. No one else does it so why should America

because they tax us and other countries do have representation of their overseas nationals in their national parliaments.

name one

France for sure..they even have an overseas rep for the New York area alone, I believe,
so the have more than one..Portugal, I believe, may also have such a representation in place but I can't be sure. "

"France..That's not going to help. "

"maybe not but at least they have given the matter some thought."

"are they taxed on the foreign earned income? "

" no, their income taxation is not based on citizenship. "

isn't there a bit of irony slipping into all of this


"yeah, ironing..You've just backed -up over one of your sacred principles as proclaimed on most of the American revolutionary war movies.., haven't they stuck two fingers up to..'no taxation without representation' .Y o know, the war cry just before they dumped about a ton of tea in Boston harbor.

Seen the movie..The concept is now relegated to script writers.

I can't see your campaign making much ground..Though it looks like the homeland Americans have become the new RED COATS.

I like that.

So where do you go from here.?

what can one person do?

"bark at the moon then start your own party".

"a one man party?"

"a one issue party...So everyone knows where you stand..

" the RED COAT party..sounds daffy".

"it should fit in nicely. ..see you at the debates..

yeah..thanks .

Saturday, November 20, 2004

hello world

One big toe has just slipped into the vast unknown. Well not so vast anymore and not so unknown. still... hello.. is anyone there? anyone on the other side of this open-ended call? first time caller..could you guess?

i'm trying to imagine what anyone would have to say to such an opening?
the word 'nothing' comes back at me. I'm talking to myself-- through my computer..that's ok, isn't it?

Why am i doing this? i'm killing time, of course. I'm in the part of the writing process that i like the least. ..a synopsis ..everyone wants one and i just want them to read my first page (the 'first page test'.the very practical test everyone else seems to use at the airport, bookshop etc)..

if they don't like my writing after page one.. fine and fair enough.. but they don't want page one or chapter one (YET)..they want a synopsis ..just 4 or 5 single-spaced pages covering the 110,000 words i've written would do nicely.

Should be the easiest part but i don't think i duck it and try something you are a diversion that lets a little steam out ( into the vast unknown) but still that blank synopsis page stares back at me and does not get done.

If you want to see sputtering ask a writer what his/her book is about?

Rule 1, Just like with a novel, the first sentence has got to reach out and grab them or it won't get read.


Irish eyes