Saturday, November 20, 2004

hello world

One big toe has just slipped into the vast unknown. Well not so vast anymore and not so unknown. still... hello.. is anyone there? anyone on the other side of this open-ended call? first time caller..could you guess?

i'm trying to imagine what anyone would have to say to such an opening?
the word 'nothing' comes back at me. I'm talking to myself-- through my computer..that's ok, isn't it?

Why am i doing this? i'm killing time, of course. I'm in the part of the writing process that i like the least. ..a synopsis ..everyone wants one and i just want them to read my first page (the 'first page test'.the very practical test everyone else seems to use at the airport, bookshop etc)..

if they don't like my writing after page one.. fine and fair enough.. but they don't want page one or chapter one (YET)..they want a synopsis ..just 4 or 5 single-spaced pages covering the 110,000 words i've written would do nicely.

Should be the easiest part but i don't think i duck it and try something you are a diversion that lets a little steam out ( into the vast unknown) but still that blank synopsis page stares back at me and does not get done.

If you want to see sputtering ask a writer what his/her book is about?

Rule 1, Just like with a novel, the first sentence has got to reach out and grab them or it won't get read.


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